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GF Design believes that the first step to a bountiful life is a comfortable living environment. That is why we have only one purpose in mind: to create a cozy household for our customers.

We would first find out our customer’s requirements, personal tastes and style, analyze the actual location, and then provide a proposal that is most profession and that suits our customer’s needs best. We emphasize both aesthetics and practicality; “durable but economical” is what we endorse.

We are also a registered minor works contractor recognized by the government : MWC1259/2010

Colin Fung Colin Fung worked in furniture stores more than ten years ago so he has sufficient knowledge about furniture design. Since he has passion in home design industry, he studied in some design schools to explore more. Also, he had won the championship of home design competition. In 2009, he established GF Design Limited as his own design company. Through matching different kinds of furniture, Colin hopes that it can reflect the personality of house owners and create a comfortable home for them.

In the ideal home decorating project, every piece of furniture chosen should reflect the personality of its occupant rather than portraying its designer in a flattering light.”

Problem Solver
Colin Fung’s interest in interior design was stoked from the time he worked for a furniture company years ago and learned every aspect of the industry from designing drafts and ordering materials to transportation and assembly. His nascent passion for furniture design led him to develop his self-taught skills further by studying at a design institute where he went on to win top prize in a home design competition. In 2009, he set up his first company and design team, GF Design.

GF Design
I had worked hard many years, their chief objective has always been putting people first. “Design work,” they say “is about finding solutions to a client’s problems. Designers should use their knowledge to solve the conflict between limited space and unlimited expectations. If a project merely shows off the designer’s style or highlights the latest trends, then it is not really geared towards the client’s distinct needs and tastes, which is the exact opposite of what we meant by putting people first.” For Fung and the team, it is paramount to meet a client’s requirements so that he is comfortable in his own home.

Finding a Balance
“In fact, most clients want the same things: comfort, leisure and abundant storage space. But inevitably, there will be some compromise. You can’t have a spacious environment while also having lots of storage space within the very limited confines of a typical Hong Kong flat.” These difficult challenges can be overcome through good design solutions which, Fung believes, can lessen the impact of the occasional but necessary sacrifice a client may face in the decision-making process.